Democratic Intelligence


Suggestion: Every suggestion could have a number of points towards the goal.


This is quite a long suggestion, so I apologize in advance, but it could be quite a big, useful and exciting change. Currently suggestions are ranked by rank... purely a numerically ordered value, which a person can add or subtract 1 from. In order to create a strategy consisting of multiple suggestions, allowing us to see great charts of where we are and a numeric goal, such as "increase happiness to 1,000,000,000 points" we can do the following: 1. Allow people to specify how many points of happiness a suggestion can create. A point of happiness could be defined as something arbitrary like making one person mildly happier for an hour. 2. A suggestion should have an effort value, e.g. number of hours to complete. 3. Allow suggestions to be linked, so that one story will require another one. That way a suggestion which requires another suggestion cannot be completed until its required suggestions are complete. 4. Suggestions are then ranked according to the maximum points of their entire strategy (the suggestion plus suggestions that require them) divided by the total effort of the strategy. 5. A seemingly insignificant suggestion will then be ranked higher. 6. Perhaps we should also consider creating a new ticket type called a "goal". A goal would be the same as a suggestion, except that it requires zero effort / hours to implement. For example... Lets say someone creates a goal to raise funds to get treatment for a child with a rare disease. People decide how many happiness points it should get. The median (middle number) is 20,000. Of course we don't know how to do the suggestion, so it can never be picked up. But someone adds a suggestion to raise £10,000 by organizing a rock concert. The concert may not have many happiness points , but it will be required in order to pay for the treatment. Since the rock concert takes a short amount of time and can lead to a large increase in happiness, it gets ranked quite highly.