Democratic Intelligence

Current Subgoal

The main goal of this website is massive! In order to bring this project one step closer to Earth, I've introduced the concept of a subgoal. The subgoal allows users to focus on something a bit more tangible, that they can observe and influence quite easily.

You may wonder why I chose the number 100,000. I think that, when the number of users becomes large enough that there is decent daily activity on the site, and useful suggestions are regularly implemented, the site's value will become self evident, and it will grow quickly with less specific focus on growth, and instead more focus on actually doing things to improve happiness and unity. I estimate that to be at about 10,000 registered users.

I decided to go with the number 100,000 instead, since it is 10 times larger, and 10 times more exciting. At 10,000 registered users, this site will be great. At 100,000 it will be amazing! Hopefully the idea of such a massive number will give you the motivation you need to be a pioneer in bringing like minded people together to improve the world! If you think 1,000,000 is a better number to focus on, simply create a suggestion to suggest it.

I realize that, at the start, there is a chance this site, in its immaturity, will not grow very quickly at all and helping to grow the site to 100,000 users may seem like a bigger task than you've ever done before, but don't worry. You're not alone. You don't have to find all 100,000 users by yourself.

Here is a suggestion, for using your intelligence, to come up with creative ideas for helping with this goal:

Firstly, you may need motivation. Begin by thinking about what global happiness and unity would be like to you. Maybe write down some ideas, and find some pictures on the internet to describe your favourite things, like travel destinations, good food, a healthy lifestyle, friends, family, games, movies, or whatever else this means to you. You can create a scrap book, if you like, or simply copy the pictures and thoughts into a blog or spreadsheet.

Also think about the problems in the world. Write down, and get pictures of all the problems that mean something to you, that you would like to change. Perhaps terrorism or poverty or a specific disease or global warming. Maybe it's violent pornography or animal abuse.

Now decide on a personal goal: A goal that is so big, that it will be incredibly exciting for you to achieve. It needs to be very specific, so that you know when you've achieved it. Something like, "Before 6/18/2019, I will have shared enough videos about Democratic Intelligence, that over 10,000 people will have learned about it." Alternatively you could create a composite goal that specifically uses Democratic Intelligence, like "Before 6/18/2019, I will have used Democratic Intelligence to create at least twenty suggestions on how to increase the number of users, that have been accepted and completed. I have also volunteered and completed at least twenty suggestions and created at least twenty tests."


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