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The idea for this website comes from the winning essay in the Peace Grand Challenge on the subject "Innovative solutions for world peace, 2014-2034." One of the main features of this site is that it is self-improving. This means that it will start out as something a bit rough, with very little content, and it is up to you, as the user, to use the site to create suggestions, argue, vote and volunteer, in order for this site to mature.

See my blog for the winning essay, describing the reasons that this site exists and its functionality at a high level. For a slightly more in depth article on this project, see chapter 2 of the book, Anticipating Tomorrow's Politics, which is available online.

See the How it works section for detailed instructions on using this site.

To summarize, the main aim of this site is Increase happiness and unity worldwide, and the current subgoal, or stepping stone towards the main goal is Increase the number of registered users to 100,000.

We need your help to achieve these goals, and you can help out by doing the following:


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